Customize your storefront

Salesfloor is about bringing your personal touch to the customer’s online shopping experience. Show off your style and the products you now best by customizing your Storefront:



Trouble watching this tutorial? Find step by step instructions below:


  1. From the Salesfloor app homepage > open the side menu > and select My Store.
  2. Use the drop-down at the top of the page to toggle between your Storefront's sections (i.e. Top Picks, New Arrivals, Trending Recommendations).
  3. Click Edit on the top right corner.
  4. Tap the X on one or multiple products to remove them from your Storefront. Once selected, each item will grey-out. 
  5. To add products click on the blue + > select the product that you want to add to your Storefront > and click Done.
  6. To add personal comments to products, click the pencil icon and type a short comment (90 words or less) and click Done to save your comment.
  7. When done editing products, click Publish to save your changes.
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