Sending My Looks to your customers with Salesfloor

Sending catered Lookbooks is the perfect way to show customers that you know their style, while staying in tune with important events in their life; beit a new vacation wardrobe or a new-years party ensemble, Lookbooks allow you to mix & matched products to send to your customers in a combined, professionally branded marketing email.

Using Salesfloor's My Looks feature, associates can create Lookbooks and save them for later without attaching them to a specific customer. These Looks can then be referenced and shared at later time. 

Check out this quick video to learn how you can send a pre-existing My Look to your customers:

Follow along with these steps: 

1. From the side menu, select Lookbooks

2. To attach a My Looks, select the + on the Customer Pages tab

3. Select the contact to whom you like to send your My Look

4. On the Lookbook customization page, select Add Products

5. At the bottom of the page, select "more" for more options

6. Select My Looks & select the Look you'd like to attached from your list of My Looks.

7. select Publish in the top right corner to send to your customer. 

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