Live chat broadcast mode

Broadcast Mode refers to the Salesfloor's collaborative live chat solution for retailers using Team Mode, but can also be activated for retailers using Rep Mode upon request to their account manager.

While the live chat queue is structured to allow one user at a time to receive and accept an incoming live chat request, Broadcast mode notifies all users that are currently active for live chat (at a specific location) simultaneously. What's more, while all live users at the specified store will receive the notification that a new live chat request is available, the store is given 60 seconds to accept the chat, and only the 1st user to accept the live chat can then respond to that request. Once the incoming live chat has been accepted, all other users that received the incoming notification then receive a second notification indicating that the chat was accepted by another user and is no longer available. 


See also: Live chat queue


e.g. If User A is the first to make themselves available at the store and User B is the second, both User A and User B are notified of any incoming live chat request and have an equal opportunity to accept the request. If User B accepts the live chat before User A, User A will receive a second push notification indicating that another user has accepted the chat (and vice versa).

Similar to the live chat queue, any client that does not receive a response within 20 seconds of initiating their live chat request is then provided the option of resubmitting their request as an email or text messaging request.

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