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For retailers using Salesfloor's Rep Mode solution, you've likely heard the term live chat queue, but what exactly does that mean?

Salesfloor's live chat queue refers to the first in, first to serve method that Salesfloor uses to manage the availability of users at each store location. In other words, if User A is the first to make themselves available for live chat in the morning, and User B is the second to make themselves available, then Users A & B are the first and second in the queue respectively. 

As a result, User A will be the first associate to receive the first live chat request submitted through the Salesfloor widget for their store, and User B will receive the second live chat request submitted. 


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What if User A misses the chat?

When a live chat request is submitted through the Salesfloor widget, the first user in the queue has 30 seconds to pick up the live chat request. If User A is unable to pick up the live chat request within 30 seconds, the chat is then transferred from User A to User B, who has an additional 30 seconds to pick up the chat. Similarly, if User B is unable to pick up the chat it's transferred to User C (third in the queue) for a final 30 seconds. Lastly, if User C does not pick up the chat, the client is then prompted to submit their request via one of Salesfloor's email or text messaging services.

Note: If only 1 user is available for live chat at their location, the user will be given 60 seconds to accept the incoming live chat request. 



What if the client does not want to wait for a response?

Live chat is intended to be a real-time interactive service that allows clients shopping online to communicate with their local in-store associates, just as though they were in the store with them. As such, we at Salesfloor know that clients expect to be connected as quickly as possible and that not receiving a reply in a timely manner can become quite frustrating. If a client waits for more than 20 seconds, they are then given the option to stop their live chat request and opt-in to submit their request via email or text messaging (below).



Where can I see how many requests were changed from live chat to email or text messaging?

Included in the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your Salesfloor reporting, both in-app and in the Backoffice, is the "Email Requests (missed live chat)" metric. The Email Requests (missed live chat) metric refers to the total number of Live Chat request submitted via the footer, widget, and Storefront in which the customer opted to submit their request by email instead.

See also: KPI Glossary


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