How can I connect my social media accounts to salesfloor?

To connect your Social Media accounts, I've provided a few quick steps to help below: 

  1. From the Salesfloor app home page, click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner to access the menu.

  2. Select "settings" in the menu.

  3. On the settings page, select "My Social Networks" 

  4. In "My Social Networks" you will have the option to connect your Twitter account.

      Image-1__13_.jpg       Image-1__14_.jpg      Image-1__15_.jpg

Please note that due to Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest permissions setting, there is no needto connect your Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest accounts manually. If you would like to share an update on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, simply check the box beside Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest when sharing an update. As long as the Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest apps are downloaded to your phone/tablet you will be prompted to complete your post directly from the Instagram or Facebook app. 


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