Salesfloor marketing tools

Professionalism is key. That’s why we’ve built professional quality, retailer-specific marketing tools to help drive your client’s engagement. Send them professionally designed lookbooks, personalized store promotions, product recommendations and, as always, more.


How to Create a Look

From the mobile app’s main menu hub, click the side menu, and select Lookbooks.



  1. Select the My Looks tab.
  2. Click on (+).
  3. Click Add Products:

  • Browse through the categories and items, or use the search field.
  • Tap to view or select products.
  • Click Save.
  1. Tap to write a title and description for your look and attach to a Customer page.

  2. Click Publish.


  3. Click Back to return to My Looks, or click Attach to a Customer to link this look to a specific customer page.


Share an Update:

Tips from the Team:

    • To send a message to specific customers, use My Messages 
    • To create a look with multiple products, use Lookbooks 

1. From the mobile app’s main menu hub, select Share.


2. Write a comment that you wish to share in the box.


3. Insert the content:


    • Product: Search by keyword, use your camera barcode scanner or select a category and browse through the products. Tap to view or select the item(s) you wish to include, and click Done.
    • Asset: Select a category (All, Corporate, etc.), tap to view or select the content you wish to include, and click Done.
    • Photo: If prompted, allow the app to access your device’s camera, then take the picture, and click Use Photo.
  1. Tap to select one or multiple sharing methods and click Share.
    • Email: If you have activated your contacts as Subscribers, the content will be sent to their email address. If you do not have Subscribers, go to Contacts to set your customers as subscribers.
    • Twitter: If you have activated Twitter, you will receive a message that you have successfully shared your content. If not active, go to Settings to activate Twitter.
    • Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook (if available): To share on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebool, make sure that you have these applications installed on your device. You will be prompted to tap the Pinterest and/or Instagram or Facebook app icon from the Salesfloor app, then you will be taken out of Salesfloor and into Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook to finish sharing. 
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