Setting up your account



  1. Once you have been invited to the system by your manager, you will receive an invite email in your inbox.


  2. Select “Create Account”. This will prompt the Salesfloor App to open. Where you’ll be asked to enter your retailer ID. If you have not downloaded the Salesfloor app, the app can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android)

What's my retailer ID? Your retailer ID is simply your retailer’s name, no caps, no punctuation.

  1. Once you've entered your retailer ID and selected create the account, you have to enter your token. Your token is your employee ID unless specified otherwise.

  2. Here's where you have the option to create your username and password

    Remember: A good password is both easy to remember for you & difficult to guess for others. You can change your password at any time in your account settings


  3. A little information goes a long way. Add your work email, phone number, and choose your personal URL


  4.  Just a few more steps to go! Add in your name before building your profile. In your profile, you have the option to customize your About Me to give your clients an introduction to you and your experience:


  5. Greet your clients with a smile by adding your profile picture or select I'LL UPLOAD LATER if you plan on taking a new picture at a later time.


  6. Select your Specialties and press next to continue


  7. Select Import your contacts to add your contacts now, or I'LL UPLOAD LATER


  8. Add in your social media accounts to help grow your audience and reach clients where they look most:


  9. Congratulations! You've completed your onboarding. Select Start managing your Storefront to log in and start customizing your Storefront:



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