How do I change my specialties in the app & Backoffice?

Salesfloor is built to evolve with your role by enabling you to edit account information from the Settings page of both your app & Backoffice. Here are some quick steps on how to edit your specialties in the app & Backoffice:

In the Mobile App

1. From the Salesfloor App’s Homepage: open the side menu by selecting the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner.


2. Select “Settings”.


3. On the “Settings” page you have the option to select “My Specialties” which will allow associates to edit their Specialties. Select "Save Changes" for these changes to take effect on your Salesfloor account.


In the Backoffice

Once logged into the Backoffice, you have the option to edit your account information directly on the homepage, underneath your profile picture by selecting “Edit” beside the “My Specialties” component.


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