Setting your auto-response using the app

Salesfloor gives you the tools you need to service your clients 24/7, but everyone needs a break. New to Salesfloor's app, version 1.56 or higher, associates now have the ability to set auto-response messaging to notify clients when you they are unavailable.

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Here's a quick how-to video:


Here are the steps to help you follow along: 

1. Open the side menu and go to your account Settings

2. In your settings, select My auto-response

3. Green means go: use the toggle at the top of the screen to turn you auto-response on and off

4. Set the Start Date and End Date for which your auto-response will apply

5. Your auto-response is pre-populated for you, including the dates you chose in step 4

6. You can edit the message if you'd like, or select Save Changes to activate you auto-response

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