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What is Socialshop?

The SocialShop feature provides a way for store associates to share shoppable social posts with their customers via their SocialShop feed. Associates can link a great photo or asset with direct product links that point to the ecomm site.

Customers can purchase products found in the associates Instagram posts directly through their SocialShop feed (below), linked in their Instagram bios. Just like the Storefront, if the client clicks any of the products or links included on an associate's SocialShop, they are then brought to the regular ecomm site, while ensuring Salesfloor's sales tracking is applied and that any sales made through the SocialShop feed are attributed back to the associate.

Once this feature is activated associates should copy/paste their unique SocialShop link in their Instagram bio.



Turning SocialShop 'ON/OFF' by Associate for Corporate Admin and/or Store Manager

Once SocialShop is activated on the retailer level (please reach out to your Salesfloor account manager in order to implement the SocialShop feature), Corporate Administrators and store managers can activate or deactivate Socialshops by associate. This can be done by logging into the Backoffice as a Corporate Admin or Store Manager and then navigating to Account & Settings > User Management tab.

By default, all associates are set to 'OFF', however, you can always activate SocialShop by toggling the Shop Instagram field to 'ON': 



Once you activate SocialShop for an associate, a unique landing page and URL will be created for that associate. From the Backoffice User Management page, the URL can be found by clicking on a user's name:





SocialShop for Store Associates - Finding your Unique SocialShop URL

Once an associate has the SocialShop feature activated, they can retrieve their unique landing page URL by opening the app's side menu > Settings > My Details (below). If the feature is activated for the associate they will see their URL in the 'SocialShop' field. The URL can be copied onto the clipboard of the mobile device but is not editable.

You can also share your unique SocialShop link in through any other means (text message, emails, chat, other social networks, your business card, etc.




SocialShop for Store Associates - Posting to your SocialShop Feed

Once an associate chooses to share a photo, product, or asset through Instagram using the Salesfloor app, it will automatically appear on their SocialShop feed. They can do this by tapping on the 'Share Update' button found on the Salesfloor mobile app hub and then tapping the Instagram icon to select it.


Here's how:

  1. On your app's homepage, select "Share"
  2. Select Instagram as the channel you want to share your update to
  3. Attach the photo or curated asset of your choice
  4. Attach the products found in the photo or asset attached to your update
  5. When prompted, select the Instagram logo to complete your post within the Instagram app.


Tip: When writing your Instagram post description, remind your customer that they can find the link to your shoppable SocialShop in your Instagram bio






What can I post to my SocialShop?

Adding a photo, product, or asset (or any permitted combination) to the SocialShop page occurs once the 'Share Update' button is tapped'. Important to note is that even if you don't end up sharing your selection through Instagram the post will still be shared on your SocialShop feed, once the "Share" button is selected (see step 5 above). 

Permitted content combinations:

  1. Associate attaches 1 photo to the update
    • The photo will carryover to Instagram
    • The photo will be posted to the SocialShop feed
  2. Associate attaches 2-10 photos to the update
    • Only the first photo selected will carryover to Instagram
    • All photos will be posted to the SocialShop feed
  3. Associate attaches 1 product to the update
    • The product will carryover to Instagram
    • The product will be posted to the SocialShop feed
  4. Associate attaches 2-5 products to the update
    • Only the first product selected will carryover to Instagram
    • All products will be posted to the SocialShop feed
  5. Associate attaches a photo and a product to the update
    • Only the photo will carryover to Instagram
    • The photo and the product will carry over to the SocialShop
  6. Associate attaches multiple photos and multiple products to the update
    • Only the first photo will carryover to Instagram
    • All of the photos and products will carry over to Instagram
  7. Associate attaches 1 asset to the update
    • The asset will carryover to Instagram
    • The asset will be posted to the SocialShop feed
  8. Associate attaches 1 asset and multiple products to the update
    • The asset will carryover to Instagram
    • The asset and all products will be posted to the SocialShop feed


How can I review previous posts?

After submitting your post, your whole history is available. You can use this section of the platform to review your previous posts and make educated decisions about what you are going to post next. In order to do so, please follow these steps:


1. Click on "View Storefront".


2. All your SocialShop posts will be displayed on this screen. Click on the post that you wish to see the details.


3. Your post is displayed exactly as it was originally posted. If you would like to remove your post, you can click on the garbage icon to successfully do so.


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