Trending Recommendations

Keep up with the latest trends, and most recommended products with the trending recommendations bar at the bottom of your Storefront.

Salesfloor uses the trending recommendations bar to show you and your clients what products are being recommended the most by users like you.

Just like the Top Picks, or New Arrivals collections on your Storefront, you can edit the products displayed in your trending recommendations bar by removing products that you feel detract from the style, or theme of your personal Storefront.

Unlike the Top Picks, or New Arrival collections on your Storefront, you cannot add new products to the trending recommendations bar. As the name suggests, only the most frequently shared products from your retailer will be added into the Trending Recommendations product collection.


Don’t see the trending recommendation bar? 

There are 2 reasons why you might not see the trending recommendations bar:

  1. Your retailer has chosen not to include this feature on their user Storefronts
  2. Your retailer has chosen to include this feature, but has not yet activated the feature in the Backoffice.


How to activate trending recommendations?

Note that if your retailer has not opted-in for trending recommendations, the following options will not be available to you in your Backoffice. 


Users with a Corporate Administrator account can activate trending recommendations for their associates at any time via the Backoffice. Here's how:

  1. Log into your Backoffice and select Settings under the Accounts & Management tab
  2. Select the Edit option to both activate and deactivate your retailer’s trending recommendations bar 


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