Sending and receiving texts with Salesfloor

Users can communicate with their contacts via SMS text message with Salesfloor’s SMS text messaging solution, which allows associates to recommend products, add photos and attach assets without the need for messaging apps or cellular plans. In order to activate the text messaging feature for your retailer, please contact your account manager. 


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How does it work

Starting a new text conversation

Attaching products, assets and photos to text messages

Opting out of text messaging


How does it work?

  • Only Corporate Administrators can activate SMS Text Messaging for user accounts on the User Management page of the Backoffice.



  • When SMS Text Messaging is turned on, Salesfloor immediately assigns a new relay phone number to the user's account. 

  • When assigning a relay phone number, the system will evaluate data about the user’s associated store location to determine a suitable area code and ‘local’ number.

  • In order to activate larger user groups (e.g. Stores), the retailer can provide their Salesfloor account manager with a list of stores, or associates for batch activation.

  • Once activated, users are able to see their Salesfloor relay number within the settings of their mobile app, under "My details".

  • If a customer tries to call the relay a number, they will be greeted with a recording indicating that the number is a text-only line.

  • Important: De-activating a user's SMS access in the Backoffice will result in the permanent loss of the  initial relay number for the user, as well as the text message history for that relay number.




Starting a new text conversation

Step 1: When Text Messaging is activated for your account, you will see a new navigation element called "Text Messages" on your Salesfloor app's Homepage. 


Step 2: Once you have selected the Text Messages option on your app's homepage, you will be brought to your text message inbox where you can access your existing text messaging conversations OR start a new conversation by selecting the Compose option at the bottom of your screen:  


Step 3: When composing a new message you have access to all contacts in your address book whom are registered with an active phone number. For contacts with multiple numbers, you will be given the opportunity to select the appropriate number for text messaging:



Attaching products, assets and photos to text messages

Just like other Salesfloor communication channel (live chat, email, etc.), a user will be able to
attach a product, photo or asset during a text conversation by selecting the blue + sign


 Opting out of text messaging

Clients can opt-out of receiving your text messages at anytime, simply by texting the word "STOP" and will be notified of this option when they receive their first text message from Salesfloor. Any subsequent texting in that thread will not include the opt-out notification, however your clients can also refer to the message at the top of their thread if needed:


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