Creating & managing task reminders

Salesfloor's Task management feature allows retailers and associates to create, view, and assign tasks from within the Salesfloor app. Associates can create tasks for themselves or link tasks to a specific client in their address book.

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Creating and editing tasks

Automated task reminders

Managers: assigning new tasks

KPIs: Where can I see performance metrics for tasks?



Access to your active tasks is made available directly on your app's homepage by selecting
"View Tasks"




Creating and Editing Tasks

From the App's homepage (above) you can select the footer option to ‘View Tasks’ in order to access the list of active tasks in your account. If a task is due today or is past due, a RED dot will appear next to the ‘Task’ count (above).

To create a new task from your Task List select the  ‘Add’ option in the top right corner.


Your tasks list will display all unresolved tasks in chronological order, but can also be filtered with the drop-down menu:


When creating a new task (below), you can:

  1. Attach the task to a specific client (optional)
  2. Enter your task description/details
  3. Set both the date & time for your task reminder 
  4. Assign a task category (optional)


Tasks which have been assigned to a client, can also be viewed directly on the Contact card in your Salesfloor Contacts. You also have the option to create new tasks for that contact by selecting the orange task icon at the top of the contact's card:


When viewing a Task, you can choose to edit any field, or choose to dismiss or resolve the task:



Automated task reminders

Salesfloor also creates automated task reminders for you:

  1. Completing your account set-up (system tasks):

    • You have not updated your About Me details within 3 days of your account activation.
    • You have not updated your Profile Picture within 3 days of your account activation
    • You have not connected your Social Media accounts within 3 days of your account activation

  2. Your engagement (system tasks):

    • You have not added any new contacts within 3 days of your account activation
    • You have not updated your Storefront in 3 weeks 
    • You have not Shared an Update to your contacts in 3 weeks
  3. Your customer's purchase history (follow-up tasks)*

    • Post transaction follow-up after X days since your customer's last purchase
    • Soon to lapse reminders after X days since your customer's last purchase


*Purchase history tasks are only made available to retailers who have activated Salesfloor's Customer insights feature.


Managers: assigning new tasks

Automatically generated tasks are governed by retailer policies and predetermined rules. These are acted upon at the discretion of the associate. It is expected that associates will action tasks using existing communication channels (live chat, email, etc.) and will complete Salesfloor tasks by making the needed updates to their profile and storefront sections. For more details on importing custom tasks, please reach out to your program manager.




KPIs: Where can I see performance metrics for tasks? 

As a manager you can view your users' task feature performance in the KPIs of your Backoffice, or mobile app's reporting.

Tip from Salesfloor: For retailer's using Salesfloor's Team Mode solution, you can always log into your salesfloor account to review any outstanding tasks that have not yet been addressed by your team.

Salesfloor captures Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) for tasks group listed as follows:

  1. Automated Tasks:
    • Any non-manual tasks created during the specified time period.
  2. System Tasks:
    • Any task created to promote the execute of a Salesfloor-related action listed under 'automated tasks' above.
      e.g. "You have not shared an update in over 4 weeks".
  3. Follow-Up Tasks
    • Any task created under the soon-to-lapse or post-transaction follow up reminder configuration set by your retailer during the specified time period. 

  4. Corporate Tasks:
    • Any task created for associates or stores by a corporate admin using Salesfloor's Corporate Tasking creator available in the Backoffice (Available soon)
  5. Manual Tasks Created:
    • Any task manually created by an associate for their own account or store during the specified time period.
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