Accepting a live chat

Shoppers can initiate a live chat from the Salesfloor widget on a retailer website and directly from a user's Storefront.  



When receiving an incoming chat, a you (the user) will then receive a push notification on your device, and an audible ring notifying you that you have an incoming request. 


Swipe the notification to open the app and confirm the incoming chat request.


Once you have accepted your incoming chat request, you have the option to add products from your product library, take a picture on the spot, or attach an existing photo from your devices photo library. 

Select the blue + icon to the left of your chat box in order to open your action menu in chat



When inserting a product, shoppers will receive shoppable product image that will take them to your retailers website.


Once you have accepted and answered your shopper's Chat request, they will then be tracked to you for a period defined by your retailer. Any purchase made within that period will be credited to you in your Backoffice.


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