Why was my sale not tracked?

Salesfloor’s Sales tracking begins once the customer has visited your Storefront, clicked through one of your emails, or interacted with you through any of Salesfloor's request services (listed below). The client will then be tracked to you and your store for the duration of your retailer’s preset tracking period:

Sales will not be tracked in Salesfloor if:

  • The customer is using private browse mode on their computer or device which prevents all cookie tracking
  • The client's last interaction before checkout was addressed by a different associate through Salesfloor
  • The sale was made after the tracking period had ended with their device
  • The customer switched devices, and did not enter through Salesfloor, again – Salesfloor cannot track the cookies across devices.
  • The customer used a different browser client on their device than that which is tagged by Salesfloor's tracking
  • The customer purchased through preset “Stand-down” affiliate sites, or services. Ex. Their last click came through a Paid Search advertisement.
  • The customer is running an ad blocker software on their device that blocks cookies
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