What is my Storefront?

Welcome to your Storefront

Clients will visit your Storefront because they trust the expertise that you bring to their shopping experience. Curating your Storefront to reflect your style, and showcasing the products that you know your clients are dying to have, is an effective way to build long lasting relationships, add to your credibility and drive repeat purchases.

Take a quick tour of some of the great features your Storefront has to offer.

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The Header contains most of the navigational links that a customer would expect to see had they visited your retailer's website so stay consistent with your brand & strengthen your reputation as an ambassador for store. 



Some customers know exactly what they want. Others might spend hours sifting through products before discovering the right product to suit their look. Inspired by your top picks, customers can use the search bar to explore the full scope of products that your retailer has to offer, all while still shopping with you! 



At Salesfloor, we're all about connecting customers with your personal sales experience. That's why we've included each of the services that Salesfloor offers to drive customer engagement with you from your Storefront. 


Get My Updates

Keep your clients up-to-date with the latest trends, sales, and store events. Now customers can subscribe to your mailing lists through "Get My Updates". Available for individual associate accounts only, this feature will help grow your client base, and ensure that you're top-of-mind when customers are in the virtual market.


Associate product picks

Every store and associate with Selling Mode activated is can pick and choose the specific items to add to their Storefront within their "Top Picks" or "New Arrivals" sections. Each product is then clickable and will link your clients to your retailer's website with Salesfloor's tracking in place. 

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Trending product recommendations

Keep up with the latest trends, and most recommended products with the trending recommendations bar at the bottom of your Storefront.

Salesfloor uses the trending recommendations bar to show you and your clients what products are being recommended the most by users like you. 

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