How can I attach products when composing a message?

Tip from the team: Messages created in the compose feature can be sent up to 20 clients at a time.

FAQ: What's the difference between compose and share?

Here are the steps needed in order to attach and send your product recommendations using the Compose feature.

1. From the homepage select "compose".


2. Just like any other email, you'll have to add your contact(s), type in a subject, and fill in the message to be sent to your client(s).


3. From there, choose either "Product" in the ADD section of your page to choose the product(s) you would like to attach for your client


4. Selecting "Product" will then bring you to the Product library. From there you can search or use the categories listed to find the appropriate products (max 10) that you want to attach.  

To select a product, simply tap the product's image at which point the product will be highlighted. See the product in the first position below:

You can choose up to 10 products to send per composed message. To review the items that you've chosen, use the selections drawer located at the bottom of your screen (below). 
Once you've selected all of the items you wish to attach. Select the "Attach" button (above) in your selections drawer to confirm your choices. 

5. When you're ready, select "Send Message" on the bottom of the screen to send your message.


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