Text Messaging with the connect widget

For retailer's that have opted into Salesfloor's Text Messaging feature, when a customer submits a service request from the Connect Widget, Storefront or Footer, they also have the option to correspond with their associate using text messaging.



Once a customer submits a text message request, the customer will receive a confirmation message via text message to the number they provided.

All requests submitted from the Connect Widget can be found within the New Leads folder (for a team-mode retailer, requests are sent directly to the Customer Requests folder).

See also: How to accept a New Lead

Requests submitted from an Associate's Storefront or footer are found directly within the Customer Requests folder. 


Replying to a Text Message request

When replying to a text message request, the request will prompt the associate to respond to the request by:

  1. Opening an existing Text Messaging thread with the client
  2. Creating a new Text Messaging thread with the client

Additionally, a short-cut preview of the request, as well as the option to resolve the request will be inserted into the Text Messaging thread:



Similar to other text message conversations the associate and customer will be able to exchange messages pertaining to the customers request. During this exchange, the associate can include attachments to share with the customer and permit the customer to click through to product pages, their storefront, etc.

Adding a new contact, or updating an existing contact

Each Text Messaging request includes an indication to let associates know whether the client is an existing contact in their Salesfloor account. If the client is not an existing contact, or if the phone number provided is used for more that 1 contact in an associate's account, the associate can click to add the contact: 



Selecting Add to Contacts prompts an Add to Contacts options menu allowing associates to: 

  • Create a new contact
  • Add the client's phone number to an existing contact
  • Search the client's name in their contact book
  • Search the client's phone number in their contact book


Reporting for Text Messaging Requests

For retailers with Salesfloor's Text Messaging feature enabled, the Email/Text Correspondence Preference KPI will be added to the KPIs section of all users' reporting in both the Backoffice and Mobile app. 

The Email/Text Correspondence Preference KPI indicates the proportion of all requests which are submitted as Text Message requests during the specified time period.

See also: KPI Glossary

The existing Request Reply Time KPI is also updated to consider the elapsed time before the associate sends the first text message to the customer’s phone number following the submission of the service request.

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