June 2017 Update

Salesfloor users, 

Introducing our latest platform update in June 2017, including mobile version 1.70 (downloaded automatically to your device or via App Store and Play Store once the update is complete).

Here is a quick recap of what's included in our upcoming release: 

What's New?

General Enhancements

  • Adjusted weekly performance emails so that traffic metric is described as “Unique Storefront Visitors” (previously “Unique visitors” ) in weekly performance emails to match KPI label

  • For corporate Administrators,
    • Live chat metrics by Associates and by Stores are now available for download from the Backoffice/Reports/Admin tab (Download Live Chat Metrics - Associates CSV & Download Live Chat Metrics - Stores CSV)
    • Transaction report will now be available for download from the Backoffice/Reports/Admin tab (Download All Transactions ZIP )

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected transaction count reported in Salesfloor caused by time zones calculation
  • Adjusted behavior of new lead when Sale Associate request is sent to directly to Customer Service
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