July 2017 Update

Salesfloor users, 

Introducing our latest platform update in July 2017, including mobile version 1.71 (downloaded automatically to your device or via App Store and Play Store once the update is complete).

Here is a quick recap of what's included in our upcoming release: 

What's New?

New feature preview

  • SMS Text Messaging is coming soon! Associates using Salesfloor’s mobile app will be able to communicate with their contacts via SMS text message. Salesfloor’s turn-key SMS text messaging solution allows associates to recommend products, add photos and attach assets without the need for messaging apps or cellular plans on their device.
  • SMS Text Messaging feature documentation is available through your Account Manager
  • Please coordinate feature rollout & training plan with your Salesfloor Account Manager


 General Enhancements

  • For corporate Administrators, 2 new reporting KPIs for Trending Recommendations are now displayed in the Backoffice/Reports/KPI tab.
  • The same new KPIs for Trending Recommendations have also been added to the downloadable Activity reports in the Backoffice:
    • Download All Activity Summary - Associates CSV 
    • Download All Activity Summary - Stores CSV 


  • To improve email deliverability, email notifications sent to Associate users by Salesfloor will now come from noreply@(retailer_domain).com instead of noreply@salesfloor.net

  • Improve subscription and un-subscription process in Customer request flow
    • If a Customer is unsubscribed, selecting "Get my updates" and/or submitting a request will both enable the Customer to be removed from the global unsubscribed list and will update the subscription status so that the customer can now receive updates. 
    • If a Customer is unsubscribed, submitting a request without selecting "Get my updates" will enable the Customer to be removed from the global unsubscribed list but will not update the subscription status in Salesfloor.


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