Account types & permissions

When creating new Salesfloor Accounts, there are 4 account types available; each with their own unique set of features & permissions. Down below you'll find a breakdown of each account type:


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User Types

Permission Levels


User Account Types


User Types


Users/Associates (Level 1)

  • A user account (level 1) has a unique login and Selling Mode active. Users have access to a Storefront, the ability to receive and respond to customer requests, interact with live chat, and track transactions. 

Store managers (Level 2)

  • Store Managers (level 2) are responsible for all users belonging to a single store/location.
  • Enabling Selling Mode for a customer-facing profile is optional.

Regional managers (Level 3)

  • Regional Managers are responsible for all users belonging to multiple stores/locations.
  • Enabling Selling Mode for a customer-facing profile is optional.

Corporate admins (Level 4)

  •  Corporate Admins are responsible for all users in all stores/locations and have access to admin performance reporting exports.
  • Selling mode is disabled on level 4 accounts by default.


User Account Type Permissions

The Salesfloor platform’s default permission levels are predefined sets of permissions that you can assign to individual users, groups of users, or security groups, based on the functional requirements of the users and on security considerations.


Permission levels

Store associates (1)

Store managers (2)

Regional managers (3)





Access to customer contact data

My customers only

Performance reporting

My account only

All store users

Multi-store users

All stores & users

Detailed sales transaction reporting

Create / edit / enable / disable users

Download transaction data 

Download customer data



 For more information, please contact your Salesfloor representative.


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