September 2016 Platform Update

Salesfloor's platform updates this month contains some amazing new features. Here is a recap of the exciting improvements we'd made (available now in your Backoffice and in version 1.53 now available in the AppStore and PlayStore).

What’s new?

Product Search 2.0 

    • Improved product search engine which provides more accurate and intelligent
      search results 
    • Capability to filter by brand, sale and regular price
    • Takes into account available and newer items first
    • For retailers that provide sold out items in product data, sold out label will
      still be present
    • Available in mobile app and web Backoffice 

 Share an update

    •  New visual improvement that will make sharing more user friendly

Customer Requests

    • Improved interface and filtering usability that will simplify the display of each

New leads

    • New notification takes you directly to the lead versus the app main hub
    • When a lead is claimed, app will display name of associate who claimed it

Activity reports for retail admin users 

    • Detailed activity reporting can be exported (for retailer admins only)
    • Download all activity by associate and store with the ability to filter by date
    • Download all transactions details since the beginning of time


Bug fixes

    • Issue with mobile responsive associate profile details fixed
    • Problem with mobile contact filtering fixed
    • Latency in reporting sync times resolved
    • Issues with customer request notifications fixed
    • Problems with in-app preview feature fixed



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