Weekly Store Performance Reports

Store level reporting is sent to store manager on a weekly basis. This report is broken down into 3 sections:

For a little more depth, we've broken down the components of each section below: 

Section 1

  • Sales: This section ranks your store's total sales compared to the sales of all other participating stores from your retailer. In the report above, this location is ranked 9th
  • Customer Service: This section ranks how long it takes on average for your store to respond to customer request compared to the average time it takes other stores from your retailer. This section also compared the percentage of Chat request that are answered at your location compared to other locations. This store is currently ranked 23rd for Reply Time and 12th for Live Chat Answer Rate.
  • Customer Engagement: This section ranks the cumulative number of unique visitors to your store's associates' Storefronts, compared to the total number of unique (new) visitors to other Bloomingdale's locations unique Storefront visitors. This store is currently ranked 16th. This section also compares the total number of customer requests that your location receives compared to the total number of requests received by other locations. This store is currently ranked 6th.

    FAQ: What is the different between visitors and unique visitors

SSection 2

This section compares your store's associates to each other using the same metrics outlined in Section 1, and in order to highest to lowest sales.

In this report, the top 3 associates in terms of sales are Louisa, Wendy, and Gladys

Section 3

This section breaks down your store's individual KPIs

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