November 2016 platform update

Salesfloor users, 

Introducing our latest platform update in November, including mobile version 1.56 (downloaded automatically to your device or via App Store and Play Store once the update is complete).

Here is a quick recap of what's included in our upcoming release:

What's New?

Mobile App Access for Corporate Admins

  • Managers now have access to their very own dedicated reporting app
  • Mobile reporting statistics made available in the palm of managers' hands
  • Ability to manage settings, profile picture, and password reset. 



Out-of-Store Auto-Response for Associates 

  • Enable out-of-store auto-response email from your Backoffice (Desktop only)
  • Intuitive toggle to turn enable and disable Out-of-Store reply
  • Customize applicable dates to suit your schedule 
  • Available for in the mobile app later this month


Improved Backoffice

  • Rank and variance added to reporting dashboard in the Backoffice 



General Enhancements

  • Added a “No internet connection” message when disconnected from internet 
  • Improved mobile chat notifications when app is not active (working in background)


Bug Fixes

  • Improved contact list search usability 
  • Improved chat usability (fixed text wrapping) on desktop 
  • Fixed default products from appearing unexpectedly 


Upcoming Features

  • New auto-text response in Live Chat to suggest that customer contacts retailer's customer support for assistance (configurable by retailer)
  • Associate Cloud: For the first time ever, retailers will be able to access a new dataset that reports trending items based on associate recommendations (phase 1)
  • Out-of-Office auto-response management for mobile devices 


New to Support Center


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  • Learn the difference between Lookbooks and Compose a message here.


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