What's the difference between Composing a Message and Sharing an Update?

Here's how to decide when is best to Compose vs. when is best to Share:

1. I want to send my message to small group of 1 or up to 20 people; I want to Compose

2. I want to send my message to everyone; I want to Share



Treat the compose feature like just like your email. It's clean, it's simple, and it's a great way to stay in-touch with 1-on-1 emails, or small group emails of up to 20 clients. You can compose a message to any contact in your address book, so long as they have a valid email address.

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To everyone? Well not quite everyone. Contacts can be set as either Subscribers or Non-subscribers in your address book Now think of Shares like your own personal newsletter. Just as the name suggests, Subscribers are subscribed (recipients) of your Shares, while non-subscribers have opted out of receiving your Shares.

Tips from Salesfloor: Sharing an update is a great way to communicate promotional marketing assets to all of your subscribers at once.

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