April 2018 update

Dear users, 

Introducing our latest platform update in April 2018, including mobile version 1.86.0 (downloaded automatically to your device or via App Store and Play Store once the update is complete).

Here is a quick recap of what's included in our upcoming release: 

What's New?

New Features

  • Live Chat Broadcast Mode updated to enable multiple/regional store request acceptance

General Enhancements

  • Corporate Admins can now download an updated Live Chat log that contains new data displaying the content of a live chat request. Additional fields added include: Source (Widget, Footer or Storefront), Selected Specialty, Flagged if inappropriate.
  • Corporate Admin users can now download Customer Request logs to audit exchanges happening between associates and contacts via the Backoffice
  • Team mode associates can now see chat and text history for all users in their store
  • Associate can now share direct links to their 'Get My Updates' storefront form through live chat, text message, compose, and share updates to increase subscriber conversion
  • Multi-Language: Associate can now define English and/or French product comments so their storefront will display comments in the selected language
  • Date shown in the Backoffice is now based on local time en lieu of UTC


  • Fixed issue affecting product selection UI for Lookbooks

  • Fixed issue affecting shared updates for photo attachments

  • Fixed issue affecting scroll functionality in Chat History logs

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