July 2018 Update

What's New?

New Features

  • Salesfloor Connect Widget Enhancement: A new widget design is now available and is intended to improve your clients’ experience and engagement with stores and associates online. For more information, please reach out to your Salesfloor account manager.

General Enhancements

  • A new automated greeting message will now be displayed when a live chat request is submitted. The automated message will say “Hi, my name is [First Name], how can I help you?”.
  • Corporate Admins now have the ability to enable SMS when creating a new user, which becomes active once the user completes their account onboarding.
  • Associates can now attach multiple photos (5) and products (10) when sending an email (Request reply, shared updates & Compose email). This was made available in our previous release in Salesfloor Text Messaging feature.

  • Users will now have more insight into the volume and performance of different types of outbound emails. New KPIs are available within the Mobile App, Backoffice, and Activity Summary Reports by Store and by Associate.
    • New Email Campaigns KPI will provide the count of 'Share' campaigns sent by Associates through email.
    • Each KPI below will also include their open rate, clicks & click through rate:
      • Campaign Emails Sent will provide the number of emails sent as a result of an associate sharing an update
      • Compose Emails Sent will show the number of direct emails sent to contacts or replies to emails sent directly from contacts.
      • Request Reply Emails Sent will show the number of emails sent as a result of a user responding to a customer request.
      • Total Emails Sent will show the total number of campaigns (formerly share an update), compose and request reply emails sent.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where in Backoffice Admin Reports using custom date where different than Associate Activity Report for the same dates.
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