Mid-July 2018 Update

What's New?

General Enhancements

  • A confirmation message now appears when a customer attempts to exit a live chat on mobile.

  • Alternating taglines can now be displayed on a retailer’s website widget to help promote customer engagement. Please reach out to your Salesfloor Account Manager for further details.

  • Associates are now presented with instant search result suggestions as they type queries in the Contact/Customer search box to improve contact searching.

  • Retailers can now qualify which purchases should have a follow-up task created based on their value so that associates can focus on top grossing purchases only. Please reach out to your Salesfloor Account Manager to roll this out.

  • Associates can now use the Activity Log to track when a sale or returns/cancellation action occurs so that they can see these key actions within their Contacts. 

  • Generic business hours have been adjusted to 10pm-8am local time for all retailers. Note: the value is not currently configurable.

  • Retailers will now have the ability to restrict live chat activation during off hours (10PM-8AM). Please reach out to your Salesfloor Account Manager to activate this feature.
  • New widget forms deployed with the new services look and feel and updated the logo on all Salesfloor touchpoints.
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