Mid-November Update 2018

Dear users, 

Introducing our latest platform update in November 2018, including mobile version 1.98.0 (downloaded automatically to your device or via App Store and Play Store once the update is complete).

Here is a quick recap of what's included in our upcoming release: 


What's New?

New Features

  • Email Requests (Missed Live Chat)" KPI representing the total number of chats in which a customer opted to email now available in Salesfloor’s reporting [SF-22776]
  • When sharing an update or composing a new email, users can now choose from 3 custom templates when attaching both photos and products (below). To enable this feature, please contact your account manager [SF-21473]


What your customer will see:



Bug fixes

  • Retailer-specific bug fixes included in release 1.98 have been communicated separately by your retailer's account manager.
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