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Salesfloor is suited to increase your sales.

As in the material world, a storefront is beautifully designed to convert a passer into a customer. In a similar way, a storefront at Salesfloor is designed to provide you with a perfect curated collection of products called Top Picks and New Arrivals.

These products are controlled by the store associates or your store.


For more information on this feature, please click here.

What happens if you don't have sufficient products available to fill in your storefront?

You don't need to worry. Our system is ready to fill your empty slots with suggestions that will delight your customers!

This feature is called Auto-selected products and it will mainly work based on a list of Nominated Products which should be periodically defined.

There is no caveat. The set of products can be managed by your retailer.


What happens if there's no list of nominated products?

If the retailer has never defined a list of Nominated Products or this mode is disabled, Salesfloor will open the scope of eligible Auto-Selected products to the entire product library with the following exceptions:

  • Unavailable products are excluded
  • On-sale products are excluded
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