How to Share a Photo or Asset to your SocialShop and/or Instagram account

Sharing new products and upcoming promotions are great ways to create value for your audience–helping you convert strangers to loyal customers.

Salesfloor is a great means to make this conversion happen, but the first step in getting this process started is to become visible to your audience. Thankfully, we have at the tip of our fingers such power, called social media!

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Instagram is one of the powerful platforms where you can showcase your styling ability and become more visible to online shoppers. So how can you start leveraging the power of Instagram by posting product photos, self-displayed styles and promotional assets?


1. On the home page of your Salesfloor app, locate and select the Share button


2. Select Instagram as your preferred channel of sharing your message


3. Select the Photo or Asset as well as the product(s) you wish to include in your post. If you have SocialShop enabled, you will also see a checkbox dedicated to enabling the post to also be shared on your SocialShop page.


4.  Once you press the "Share" button, a box will pop up, allowing you to compose the message you would like your current and future customers to read. Once you are ready, press "Post".5.png6.png

5. Upon clicking the "Post" button, you will receive a confirmation stating "Share Successful"–you have successfully shared your post to your SocialShop if you had it enabled and checked the box.


6. Once you select "Close" and a drawer will pop up, where you will be able to select the Instagram app.


6. Upon tapping on the Instagram icon, you will be presented an option to post the picture as a Story or a post on your Feed. For the purpose of sharing on your wall, we will select Feed.


7. Ensure that the description you've written is to your liking and add the hashtags as well as in-picure tags–once ready, select Post. 


You have successfully posted the asset/picture to your Instagram wall!

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