How can I add a new customer as a Subscriber on my Contacts list?

When manually adding a new customer to your Salesfloor contacts using a contact card, the default selection on the Subscription Status field is "Unsubscribed".

See also: Setting a Contact as a Subscriber or Unsubscriber

When manually adding these customers, please make sure to select "Subscribed" from the dropdown selection list prior to saving the contact card.



If you've accidentally saved your customer's contact card as Unsubscribed, the quickest way to correct their status is to delete and re-create the contact card for that customer.

NOTE: Please note that customers have the option to unsubscribe at any time, at which point their status can not be manually reverted through the Salesfloor app. Clients can, however, resubscribe at any time through any of Salesfloor's request forms or by visiting your Storefront and clicking "Get My Updates".



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