Associates: Reporting in the Backoffice

Associates can stay up to date on their performance at any time via the Reports tab in the Backoffice. Here is a quick overview of the features that Salesfloor offers associates:

To access your reporting, visit the Reports tab in your Backoffice:

There are 3 tabs through which Salesfloor presents the location and/or associate's performance metrics:

  1. The Dashboard Tab
  2. The Sales Tab
  3. The KPI Tab


The Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard Tab serves as a summary of the top performance KPIs. This is where you will find all information on the total sales you've made since you joined Salesfloor, your Live Chat Answer Rate, your First Reply Time, your number of unique Storefront Visits, and your total number of customer requests received:

The Sales Tab

The Sales Tab is where associates can review all of their sales made with Salesfloor. The Sales Summary component serves to provide a glimpse at the associate's total sales by time period: Yesterday, Week to Date, Month to Date, and Year to Date. Associates can also customize the date range to review transactions in the Sales Details component. After setting your preferred time period using the Range filter, you can review all sales relevant to the time period chosen:

The KPI Tab

The KPI Tab serves as a summary of all KPIs relevant to the associate. Similar to the Sales Tab, the KPI Tab can be filtered to display KPI metrics relevant to various time periods. For KPI definitions, visit our KPI Glossary

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