Reply to a message

Follow these simple steps in order to reply to a message


1. From the mobile app’s main menu hub, select My Messages


2. Your inbox is displayed (unread messages show a blue dot).


3. Click to open the message.



4. Click on "Actions" icon at the bottom to reply to or forward the message.


5. Write your message.


You can also insert the following content:

Product: Search by keyword, use your camera barcode scanner or select a category and browse through the products. Tap to view or select the item(s) you wish to include, and click Done.

  • Asset: Select a category (All, Corporate, etc.), tap to view or select the content you wish to include, and click Done.
  • Photo: If prompted, allow the app to access your device’s camera, then take the picture, and click Use Photo.
  1. Click Send.
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