How do I reset my password?

Tips from Salesfloor:  When creating your account, write your password down in order to remember it later. 

Even the best of us are guilty of forgetting our passwords. If you've forgotten your password, and are unable to log into your account, follow these quick steps to create a new password: 

1. From the login screen, select forgot password?


2. Enter the email address that you used to create your account, e.g.


3. Click Reset Password and Close


4. An email will be send to you with a link to reset your password


5. Once you clicked the link, your device's browser will open a page to reset your password.

6. Enter your new password and enter it a second time to confirm your new password


7. Press Reset Password and see confirmation that your password has been reset. 


Your password change will take effect immediately. Simply re-open the app and login with your username, and new password.


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