5 Tips to simply rock your live chats

Live chat support is definitely something that is here to stay. Nowadays, people are looking for quick, effective and friendly support at the palm of their hands.

At Salesfloor, we valorize a good client interaction and of course that an issue is solved in an appropriate manner. 

You can find below 5 special tips that will definitely help you rock your live chats and increase your sales!


1. Empathy, empathy, empathy

This is the golden rule for a successful chat interaction: empathy. You can use those magic sentences to empower your service and offer the right product. Creating your own set of empathy statements will make you shine and absolutely make your client happy!

2. Use the 2 minutes rule

When an interaction is happening, you may need some time to search for an adequate solution for the issue. It's very important to not leave the chat without a message as it will sound that you just abandoned the conversation! The 2 minutes rule reminds you of that. You can send a message every 2 minutes to the customer to remind him that you're active! 

3. Validate the issue

There are moments that it is not exactly clear what your customer wants. Asking questions will make you understand his real need: is it a wedding party? Or is it a simple summer outfit to create that perfect look? It's always better to completely understand the problem before tackling it. It's a win-win.


4. Follow-up

Depending on the customer's network, a chat interaction can be sometimes disconnected. If you understand the issue and you're already working on it, a simple SMS message acknowledging the problem will help set the mood. You should never leave a customer without an answer.

5. Ask before closing

After a successful resolution, an effective and elegant way to finish your interactions is to ask "Was there anything else I can help you with?" This is a perfect moment to find new sales opportunities.

Customer interaction is a vast ocean and these tips can be your compass to help you thrive and reach your final destination! Have a safe trip!

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