3 Best practices to turn any in-store client into a life-long customer


As an associate, think of Salesfloor as an extension of your ability to meet and communicate with customers where ever they are, be it in-store, commuting to work, or lounging around the house. 

Customers shopping online can always initiate new conversations with the store closest to them via the Salesfloor Connect widget, or reach out to their favorite associate through their Storefront, but what about clients that you meet in-store? Naturally, your charm and expertise are the first tools needed to form long-lasting relationships, and Salesfloor is happy to help take it from there.


Here are our top 3 strategies to turn any in-store client into a life-long customer:


  1. Don't be shy, introduce your Storefront: 

    You've worked hard to ensure that your Storefront reflects your style and your top recommendations (see also: Customizing your Storefront). Your Storefront, however, is so much more than a carefully curated collection of items: it's also a direct line to you. Just like a profile page, by Sharing your Storefront URL with your clients, you're also giving them the ability to reach out to you using Salesfloor's connect services whenever (or where ever) the shopping bug bites: 


  2. Build your audience one subscriber at a time:

    It's one thing to help your customers find you, though equally important, is securing a means for you to reach your customer. To do so, you'll want to start building your contact list any chance you get. By adding your customer to your contact list you can then follow up with them, or keep them informed by:

    Sending a composed message
    Sharing an update/campaign
    Creating a new Lookbook
    Text Messaging

    Why not break the ice early by sending your customer a follow-up email, or Lookbook with the items that caught their eyes after they've left the store?

  3. Task yourself with making the first move:

    Salesfloor's tasking feature allows you to receive or create reminders in your account that help you stay organized. Remind your customers that you've got them in mind by setting task reminders for yourself to follow up by email or text 7-10 days after they purchased with you in-store, or simply to follow up with the customer for items that piqued their interest. Remember, veteran customers may already have you top of mind; newer clients need a little nurturing to see you as their go-to expert at first. Showing the client that you've got them and their best interests in mind is a step in the right direction.

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