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What is a shared message?

Did you know that as an Associate you can share content with your customers in a harmonious and compelling way?

Using the share broadcast feature, you can send customer updates about products and promotions.

You can find below a complete guide to share updates and take advantage of this amazing feature.

Good luck and good sales!

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Step by step

The first step you should take is to click on the SHARE button:


The share feature allows sending an update by e-mail, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

* To send e-mail updates you need to have contacts added to your contact list. Click here to check our guide.


Your update can be customizable to address your clientele. You can add a subject to your message, a photo from your device, an asset from the Library or even a product from the product list.

In my example, I've added a beautiful Baume & Mercier watch that will certainly enchant my customers!

You can click on the Attach button to add the product to your message.


Now it's time to write a remarkable message. Use your creativity and show your customer how amazing he will be with this new product edition.


You can click on Include my links to add your personal storefront link or a link to subscribe.


Take one last moment to review your message. Are you ready to send?


Your message is now ready. Time to boost your sales! Just hit the share button.



Sharing an update to social media

The process for sharing an update using your social media accounts is actually super simple. You can simply re-use the message created in our guide. Salesfloor does all the hard lifting for you.

If you're new to social shop sharing, please click here to read our introduction guide.

You have two different options to post to social media: you can either copy your message and paste into the app or use the share button.


After you click on the Copy and Paste in App button, the following message will be displayed:


Clicking on the Share button, you'll be able to review your message one last time before the update. When you feel ready to send, you can click on Post.


Salesfloor will open your phone's share screen. To proceed, click on Copy to Instagram.


After this step, you will be redirected to your social media page. Once the update is posted, you will receive a confirmation message as below. You click on Close to proceed.


The process for other social platforms is the same. Now you can boost your sales in all your channels!

PS: It works like magic!

Obs: please remember that Twitter accepts 250 characters only.







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