How you can improve your customer's experience by prioritizing the right attributes and using Salesfloor to your advantage

As individuals who shop and help others with their shopping needs, we know that the buyer's experience is more important than ever. Continuously optimizing the customer's shopping journey is critical to the ongoing success of every retailer, as it strongly influences whether a customer will come back for more or abandon your brand, never to be seen again.

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Statistically speaking, when consumers are frustrated:

  • 47% say they will stop doing business with a brand altogether;

  • 45% will spend their money with another brand;

  • 32% will email the company to complain; and

  • 29% will tell all family and friends.

On the flip side, according to a survey conducted by the CMO Council, customers identified a list of attributes that make a shopping experience exceptional:

  • 52%: Fast response times to needs and issues;

  • 47%: Knowledgeable staff ready to assist wherever and whenever necessary;

  • 42%: Rewards for loyalty and recognition of how long they have been a customer;

  • 38%: An actual person to speak with, regardless of time or location; and

  • 38%: Information where and when needed.

*Statistics sourced from article originally posted on Retail Touchpoints - See full article here.


The most important takeaway here is that a timely, relevant response to a customer's question goes a long way.

Since there is no single standardized way to provide a memorable experience to your customers, the following should always be kept in mind:

Insights gained from your customers are opportunities for you to classify their habits and needs. You can store relevant information about a customer on your Salesfloor app by accessing your Contacts list, selecting your customer's name, selecting Notes and adding a new note.

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Setting tasks to regularly check your correspondence with your customers on Salesfloor will increase the chances that you'll be there for them when it counts. After all, it's those micro-moments where you're there for your customers that will be remembered.

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Reaching out to your customers on their special days with appreciation (and possibly special offers) will keep you on top of their list. Salesfloor's tasking feature is a great way for you to help your future self be more in the loop with your customers' lives by creating outreach tasks.

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