Replying to customer requests

The Customer Requests inbox is located directly on the homepage of the Salesfloor app for users with selling mode enabled. In your customer requests inbox is where you can review and reply to new and ongoing requests submitted by your clients through your Storefront, or the Salesfloor connect widget.


Here is a quick breakdown on how to view, and reply to your requests:



What's the difference between new and pending requests?

New requests (indicated in green) refer to brand new requests or new replies with existing request threads. What's more, unread requests will also have a blue dot indicator to the left of the request in your inbox (above, right).

Pending requests indicate that you have replied to the thread and are now waiting for confirmation or additional information from your client. A great best practice is to check up on lingering pending requests to help offer any additional service if needed.



When you're ready, you can always reply to your thread (above, left), and attach your photos, products, and assets as needed (top, right). Should you need a quick verification or reminder while you craft your response, you can always scroll down on the reply screen in order to review the request's thread.


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