Importing Corporate CRM Lists

As a Corporate Administrator, you have a few extra perks to help you manage your users, including the option to import corporate CRM lists directly into your users’ contacts with Salesfloor’s CRM Importer. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into your Backoffice and select CRM Importer under the Accounts & Settings tab



Step 2.
Here is where you will find the formatting requirements for uploading your users’ contact lists: 


Step 3. Remember to save your file as a CSV before uploading.

Step 4. Once the file has been uploaded, our systems will match the right contacts with the right users using their employee ID


There are 4 indications used to summarize your import:

  1. Added: The contact was newly added.
  2. Updated: The contact already existed and the contact's information has been updated.
  3. Skipped: The contact already existed with up to date information.
  4. Invalid: The contact submission did not meet the criteria outlined in Step 2 


Please note that in some cases users may not see their new contacts populated in their accounts for up to 1 hour.

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