Creating a new contact

When meeting a new shopper for the first time, add them to your Salesfloor Contacts to continue building your relationship online. Adding a contact can be done both through the Mobile app, and online in your Backoffice.


Here is how to add a contact through your app:

  1. From the mobile app’s main menu hub, select Contacts.ChatOFF.png
  2. Select the Add option in the top right 

    When a user creates or updates a contact record’s phone number, the system will check to see if another contact in their address book already has that same number. If so, they will be presented with a dialog warning them of potential duplicate records. The dialog will present a list of potential contacts including their names and emails when possible. The associate will have an option to cancel or continue and save the contact despite the potential duplicates.

  3. Enter the clients information in the contact form
  4. Once complete, select Create Contact
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