Understanding the request reply time

Whether you're new to Salesfloor, or a seasoned super-user, you're no doubt familiar with Salesfloor's Request Reply Time KPI - but what does this metric mean? How can you use your request reply time to evaluate your performance in Salesfloor? 

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At it's core, the request reply time is:

"The average amount time elapsed between the receipt of a customer request, and the first response by an associate to the request; Excluding the overnight hours of 10am-10pm local time."

see also: KPI Glossary

... But it's so much more than that:

The Request Reply time is the first of many metrics that Salesfloor uses to help associates and managers alike evaluate their engagement and efficiency when it comes to providing as quick a service as possible. 

For example: If your request reply time is 4hrs, this means that customers wait on average 4hrs for a response from an associate after reaching out. For many of us, 4hrs might not seem like a abnormally long time to receive a reply to an email, however, for the client heading to the checkout their request can quickly become irrelevant. What's more, without that initial interaction with a Salesfloor user, no tracking would be applied to that sale! 


What's the benchmark?

Nobody can be expected to answer every request that hits their account within a matter of minutes. Similarly, the request reply time measures the average time, not the actual wait time experienced by every client reaching out. When evaluating the Request Reply Time, you should always be striving for a time of:

2-4 hours (or less)

Managers: Analyzing your users' performance

With a Corporate Administrator account (Level 4), you have access to a number of exportable reports via the Backoffice, including user and store level reports to help gauge your team's performance on Salesfloor. Note: These reports are not available for Store Managers (Level 2).



Strategies for improving the First Reply Time:

You know where to find it, and you know what it means, but how do you improve it? Below are some quick recommendations to help motivate your users, and your store to actively work on reducing their First Reply Time: 

  1. Take 10 minutes every morning, or at the end of the day to review all your Open request, and ensure that there are no unclaimed Leads for your store. 
  2. Resolving requests where no further action is needed is a great way to maintain a clean, and easy to navigate requests inbox (screenshot below)
  3. Using your Corporate Admin reports, identify any outliers, or users with abnormally high response times, and address them individually
  4. A gift card goes a long way; incentivizing your team to drop their time with a short contest/reward is a great way to keep your team's eye on the real prize: Stellar service. 
  5. Remember, your Salesfloor Account Manager is here to help! 




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