Corporate Tasking

The Corporate Tasks feature is available to all retailers who've already enabled 'Manual' Tasks on their Salesfloor instance.

Corporate Tasking allows Admins to create and distribute new tasks to their users; including custom messaging and product attachments to help drive performance program-wide. 


Where can I find the Corporate Tasks Portal?

The Corporate Tasking feature is available within the Backoffice navigation menu for any Admin user (Level 4) as depicted below:




Selecting the Corporate Tasking tab in the Backoffice will then bring the user to Salesfloor's Corporate Tasking interface where they can begin creating and distributing tasks to Selling Mode users.


Creating a new Corporate Task 



When creating a new corporate task, Admins can specify the following information: 

  • Task Title (required): The tasks name as displayed to the end-user in their tasks inbox
  • Reminder Date and Time (required): The time at which the task is due or when the intended action is required
  • Auto-Dismiss Date and Time: The time at which the task will self-dismiss within end-users' tasks inbox
  • Task Details (required): The description which accompanies and defines the task at hand. 
  • Suggested Subject Line: The recommended subject line copy for any email required in order to complete the defined task
  • Suggested Copy: The recommended email body copy for any email require in order to complete the defined task.
  • Target Specialties: Setting a target specialty will ensure that the task is created only for end-users with the selected specialties
  • Selected Products: Each task can be accompanied by up to 10 products, which will be pre-populated when an end-user initiates a composed message or shared update from the task.
  • Selected Asset: Each task can be accompanied by 1 asset, which will be pre-populated when an end-user initiates a composed message or shared update from the task.



What will my users receive when I submit a new Corporate Task?

When submitting a new corporate task, the task will be visible in all specified users' task inboxes, and a notification (below) will be triggered on the Tasks start (or due) date. 


When interacting with a Corporate Task, users can select the task in their inbox to review the content provided by the tasks creator, including the suggested subject, suggested copy, and suggested products or assets:



By selecting the Email or Share icons on the task details page, the user can complete the required action. When selecting either communication option, the user will then be brought into the compose or share screens respectively, and all suggested, subjects, copy, and attachments will be prefilled prior to sending:



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